11 February 2010

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bring you to the next level of me....

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22 December 2007

I will always love you, Whitney Houston

This is an old song that I love when I was young. It is also the best song of Whitney Houston. It was originally written and sang by Dolly Parton.
Starts to listen to it again after knowing her coming back. I know little about her; not after watching her interview and some read up about her in the wiki. She is a great singer. I love her, especially this song, I will always love you.

I had a wonderful and special (very special, because you are special) Christmas. Thanks, miu miu :)
I wish everyone a had a special Christmas and a exciting new year ahead :)

19 December 2007

My pain

This is me. A truth that I am very sad of, bother me most.
I have a class 3 jaws. It means that I have a asymmetry lower jaw and a degree of deficient upper jaw. I was told is it not really that bad if my upper jaw is not this small. Sigh...

You might not think it is that bad. Well, it is not that when compare to the more serious cases. But it really bothers me. I can feel it almost everyday. Due to the asymmetry, I bite myself almost everyday. I bite myself when I am eating and talking. I have to chew slowly and carefully. Furthermore, I can't talk fast. I won't be able to pronounce properly, worse saliva fly out from the opened front teeth; will never dream of singing. Yes, my front teeth doesn't meet at all. Imagine you have to bite noodle with your lower lips and upper teeth, how irritating will that be? Sigh... not to mention my face. It follows the asymmetric bones.

Any cure? yeah, there is. Initially I thought a 2 years of orthodontic would solve the problem. However, I was late, late by 13 years. Fixing deficient upper jaw with only orthodontic method only possible before puberty(around age of 9). For short, Surgery is a must for me. The surgery costs 11k. On top of that I still need 4.5k for the orthodontic. Total, I need 15.5k minimum. Sigh....

I really hope to do it as soon as possible. Do it when I am young. Have to save bit by bit to reach that big number. I have nothing near the middle line. LOL. Just wish either I will have the money now or the surgery can be cheaper. Suddenly I wish I could cyber beg for the money(know it from my CS1105 module. Cyber begging is illegal).

I feel down whenever I look at this pic.

Lesson learnt: Never ever remove any of your K9 tooth. It is the longest tooth; its give the face the 3D look. Face will look flatter if you remove it. Secondly, must see an orthodontist when you are young!